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Vitreous Carbon

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Laboratory and Industrial applications


Vitreous carbon is used in laboratory applications such as:

  • Fusion crucibles for setting into solution.
  • Boats for evaporation.
  • Used as electrodes for electrochemical analysis.

Technical Specifications

Vitreous Carbon products are suitable for use in an inert atmosphere or vacuum up to 2500°C. They are also suitable for use in air up to around 600°C, however some oxidation will occur before reaching this temperature.

  • Attacks by humid process: Acids and bases.
  • Fusion by dry process: Sodium carbonate, Pyrosulfate, Meta and Tetraborate of lithium.
  • Fusion by sodium peroxide: By addition of 5% sodium carbonate (5 to 6 fusions).
  • No memory effects: Cleaning is not neccessary.

Benefits of Vitreous Carbon

Vitreous Carbon has an exceptional resistance to corrosion and to general chemical agents. Only oxygen above 600°C and oxidants attack vitreous carbon. It also has an acceptable resistance to thermal shock.

Maximum wall thickness available is 2-3mm.

Available sizes

Below is a table of available sizes. Please note that vitreous carbon crucibles are only available in the specified sizes - we cannot make special shapes/sizes in this range. For prices, please contact us.


Product Ref Diameter Wall thickness Height Capacity
VCC12 12.5mm 2-2.5mm 12.5mm 1.2ml
VCC25 25mm 2-2.5mm 25mm 10ml
VCC35 35mm 2-2.5mm 35mm 30ml
VCC39 39mm 2-2.5mm 40mm 50ml
VCC50 50mm 2-2.5mm 50mm 100ml
VCC70 70mm 2-2.5mm 70mm 250ml
VCC100 100mm 2-2.5mm 250mm 1900ml

Graphite Sheath

Product Ref Diameter Wall thickness Height
VCGS45 45mm 5mm 45mm
VCGS50 50mm 5mm 50mm

Graphite Lids

Product Ref Diameter Inner Diameter Thickness Inner Thickness
VCGL45 12.5mm 2-2.5mm 12.5mm 1.2ml

Boats (half-pipe in shape)

Product Ref Length Diameter Wall Thickness
VCB12 100mm 12.5mm 2-2.5mm
VCB19 125mm 19.5mm 2-2.5mm
VCB50 340mm 50mm 2-2.5mm


Product Ref Diameter Height Wall Thickness
VCCap50 50mm 18mm 2-2.5mm


Product Ref Diameter Thickness
VCD15 15mm 2-2.5mm
VCD40 40mm 2-2.5mm
VCD55 55mm 2-2.5mm
VCD78 78mm 2-2.5mm
VCD100 100mm 2-2.5mm

Square Plates

Product Ref Length Thickness
VCSP25 25mm 2-2.5mm
VCSP100 100mm 2-2.5mm


Product Ref Length Diameter
VCR150 150mm 3mm


All of the lengths to the left are available in these different shapes

Diameter Length
12.5mm 750mm
19.5mm 750mm
23.3mm 450mm
25mm 750mm
35mm 740mm
46.9mm 600mm
50mm 700mm
54.6mm 450mm
60mm 750mm
70.4mm 700mm
77.7mm 700mm
100mm 1000mm