Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramics

Cylindrical shaped Cordierite Honeycomb Ceramic Crucibles.

The crucibles we supply have structures and properties that are adjustable according to different applications. They also meet EU IV emission standards.

Due to honeycomb ceramics excellent thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, ability to quickly exchange heat and save energy, it's the perfect option for industries related to heat exchange, environmental protection and energy saving.


The exact features of our honeycomb ceramic are as follows:

1) High specific surface area, high catalytic conversion

2) Low pressure drop, low engine load and energy consumption

3) Low volume, downsized automobile exhaust catalytic converters

4) Low weight/volume ratio, low heat capacity, rapid heating

5) Low thermal expansion coefficient, high thermal shock resistance

6) Ideal matching with various active catalyst components


 Item Physical Properties
Crystal Structure 2MgO-2Al2O3-5SiO2
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion < 1.2
Porosity 33.4 +- 1.5
Water Absorption 21 +- 3
Softening Point 1400

Chemical Composition of Material.

 Item Item %
Al2O3 35.0 +- 2.4
SiO2 50.0 +- 2.4
MgO 14.0 +- 2.4

K, Na, Ca, Fe, Ti

and Others

< 0.5


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TOD Ø(mm)


Material Order Ref Buy Now
810 102 100 Cordierite AHC102 Link
880 106 100 Cordierite AHC106 Link
950 110 100 Cordierite AHC110 Link
1100 120 100 Cordierite AHC120 Link
1625 144 100 Cordierite AHC144 Link
1765 150 100 Cordierite AHC150 Link
540 83 100 Cordierite AHC83 Link
680 93 100 Cordierite AHC93 Link
740 97 100 Cordierite AHC97 Link