We have a friendly "can do" attitude, and work with our customers “to give you what you want”. Below you will find responses from just a few of our happy customers.



 Rob Campbell-Kelly (Fissile Materials Technology PME).

"The new crucibles arrived a couple of days ago. They look absolutely fantastic and the first ones will be going in to the furnace Monday morning"


 Eric Cardiff Ph.D. (NASA). 

"Thanks! The crucibles are perfect. I wish I'd found you guys a few years ago."


Rob Britton (Silvion Ltd). 

"The last purchase order was perfect...thanks"


Anthony Stevenson (University of Nottingham).

"We received the order and everything is in excellent condition as we’ve come to expect from Almath. The additional alumina crucible and tube kindly provided free of charge will undoubtedly be useful for our future work. Thank you kindly for the continued exceptional service."


Dr Nick Sadler (Johnson Matthey PLC). 

"Ordered yesterday, received today – great service."


Shawn Wilson (SINTEF). 

"The crucibles arrived yesterday; I just had a chance to open the box now. There’s a small problem with the order, I asked for 20 crucibles. There were 20 crucibles in the box, PLUS 6 crucibles marked ‘6 x extra free’. Thank you very much, I will definitely use Almath again!"


Shelley Frankel (Physics Department, University of Minnesota, US). 

"Always a pleasure to do business with Almath as they are so efficient."


Saeed Dadvar (Deakins University, Australia). 

"I would like to thank you so much for the delivery of perfectly made crucibles for us. I received them this week plus a Grade B crucible which you’ve kindly included in the package."


Ying Chen (Material Science Centre, University of Manchester). 

"I have got the crucibles. They are really good. Thanks very much!"


Emma McCabe (Kent University). 

"Thank you so much for the extra alumina crucibles you included with my last order, that was really kind of you."


Jim Hall (King Edward VI School, Southampton, UK). 

"Thank you for a fantastic service, I have passed your details on to our science department."